Saturday, 19 August 2017

Tizen studio is a bunch of broken shit

"Write cellphone apps" they said to me, so I thought I'd have a go. Of the offerings, Tizen, the upcoming cellphone OS, seemed the most promising, promising to compile for X, Windows, Android, IoS and itself. It took me two days to manage to download the Tizen Studio IDE and it's been three days that I've been trying to install the "Native IDE" and "emulator" packages on top of that. After five days fiddling with crap internet and proxies I'm burnt out. Crapware. Slow. Burns 400% of the CPU because written in Java. Doesn't cache partial downloads, so you need a constant fast internet connection to be able to work. I don't have that. It's the usual story: as soon as you touch closed-source software, time stands still and it feels like wading chest-deep in mud. Bastards. Open source it for fuck's sake - we might be able to fix your broken crap. Do I *really* have to figure out how to use it from the command line? After all, that's all I've been able to install! Go figure!