Thursday, 2 February 2012

Gasp! Ed written in Lua

Finally, there is a small, simple, powerful text editor written in Lua.

With no known bugs again \O/

SIEL Orchestra 2 Italian analog synthesizer

The SIEL Orchestra 2 Italian analogue five-octave synthesizer from 1983 that I found next to the dumpsters on my way home (“A keyboard,” I thought. “If the mechanism works I can probably make a software synth out of it.” I got it home and it worked perfectly, still accurately tuned after all these years) has had a hard time lately.
It suffered a fall while going from A to B one night and has lost one of its levers and three or four or its pirulini - those little brown plastic knobbly things that sit on the end of the levers. It still works, though.
Now where does one find spare classic synth knobules?!