Thursday, 2 February 2012

SIEL Orchestra 2 Italian analog synthesizer

The SIEL Orchestra 2 Italian analogue five-octave synthesizer from 1983 that I found next to the dumpsters on my way home (“A keyboard,” I thought. “If the mechanism works I can probably make a software synth out of it.” I got it home and it worked perfectly, still accurately tuned after all these years) has had a hard time lately.
It suffered a fall while going from A to B one night and has lost one of its levers and three or four or its pirulini - those little brown plastic knobbly things that sit on the end of the levers. It still works, though.
Now where does one find spare classic synth knobules?!


  1. Hey, nice find :) I played one of these a few years back. It has a really nice string ensemble which is paraphonic (like an organ) and 1 osc mono synth. I use FXpansion Amber to get these kind of sounds now:

  2. Synthesizers don't get much cooler than this. Congrats! Very nice piece of hardware.