Friday, 22 February 2019

First theft

Early February 2019
For the first time ever, after decades of "social work", someone that I put up for the night because it was cold, has stolen from me. The next morning they were missing, as were:
  • A scratched LCD screen that you can't sell
  • A totally mangled laptop that you can't sell
  • The kitchen clock with damaged and illegible LCD
Talk about stupid! They even moved my guitar from its usual place to behind the main door and then forgot to take it, and that was worth far more than all of the above!

Of the dozens of frightening people I've guested in these years, the only other person who ever subtracted something from my home would always bring it back next time.

So I reckon that's a pretty good average!

Update 22 Feb 2019
Two of my less reputable friends knocked at the door with a computer screen that they'd found, wanting to know if it worked or not so that they could sell it.

When I turned it over to put the cables in, there on the back were my two squares of white insulation tape marked with black CD-pen to show which way round to put the plugs in. "This is mine," I said,and told them the story of the idiot who'd nicked it. To show it was mine, I said "and it's scratched," though it looked perfect but, hey presto, when I plugged the power in, the black part lit up with the manufacturer's logo "It works!" one of them said but there were, top left, two horizontal white lines of pixels always half-on, a a war wound from when it fell off its perch once.

"God is great!" I said, hugging the screen and grinning like a cheshire cat.
"I owe you one!"

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